The CEA provides an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and facilitates the all round development of the student. The educational process at CEA combines a student-centered and participatory style with the accumulation of specific knowledge and skills. Classes at CEA usually depend on the active student participation through seminars and assignments. The CEA students's senate was established, with its main objective being to train the students of the college to take up responsibilities and to abide by the rights and duties of citizenship. It organizes debates, seminars, tours and other such activities, and encourage sports, arts cultural, educational and recreational activities conductive to the development of the student's personality. Every branch has its own engineering association which organizes seminars and invited talks by experts in related fields, with the aim of enhancing the technical awareness of the student. Theses associations are

  • TRACE (Computer Engineering Association)
  • FORUM (Mechanical Engineering Association)
  • PULSE (Electronics Engineering Association)

Various clubs function in the college, which plays a very important part in the overall personality development of the student. The clubs are Music Club, Health Club, Sports Club; touching all the aspects of general disciplines. An NSS unit also functions in the college to impart a sense of social consiousness and to promote social welfare activities. The objective and functions of these clubs are to encourage the extra curricular and co-curricular activities of the students.

The college maintains a high order of discipline. The campus is politics free and the students wear a prescribed uniform in the campus.



The College has Laboratories and workshops for the core academic departments as well as for the supporting departments along with specialized labs and state-of-the art workshops. Electrical and Mechanical workshops practicals for the 1st year students are provided according to the curriculum. The well-spaced and ergonomically designed workshops are fully equipped for Carpentry, Foundry, Welding, and Electrical wiring and testing. As per the university stipulations all internal exams are conducted in these workshops.



The internet lab with its high speed broadband connection opens the cyber world to the students thus playing a pivotal role in shaping innovative tyrants and engineering brainiacs. It forms the epitome of 'the most resourceful centre' for the professional cavalry.