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The Placement Officer

College of Engineering, Adoor

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The Career Guidance and Placement Unit (CGPU) of College of Engineering, Adoor is a body of selected students, guided by the Placement Officer. Student members are specially selected to carry out the responsible working of the cell.


The activities of the Career Guidance and Placement Unit can be divided into two. They are:

•  Career Guidance

•  Placements

Every year, a total of 360 students(Approx.) (60 from Computer Science & Engineering;

120 from Electronics & Communication Engineering; and 120 from Mechanical Engineering 60 from Electrical and Electronics) are available for placements.

The CGPU has also been able to extend and offer its services to other professional colleges. Colleges who wish to participate in our placement processes are requested to send a request to

The CGPU aims at finding the appropriate placement for each candidate. It prepares students for recruitment by organizing lectures, seminars and presentations; and providing training through aptitude tests, group discussions and mock interviews. It is also a source of information on job opportunities and prospects of higher education.
The CGPU keeps in touch with its alumni, especially those who were not placed while on campus and offers them opportunities until they are suitably placed.