As an institution,our mission is to provide world class education, foster development in research and development in Electronics, Computer& Mechanical fields.We strive to evolve innovative application of technology, encourage enterpreunership and build young men and women capable of assuming leadership of the society.



At the College of Engineering, Adoor, we have established a high standard on the quality of our course and the unrivaled flexibility of our study methods. With around 1000 active students, our B.Tech programme in three engineering disciplines is one of the best in the state. CEA provides an outstanding combination of oppertunities and experience to equip its graduates for successful careers in the 21st century. An experienced and dedicated faculty moulds new concepts and proven practice into powerful tools for outstanding analytical and professional skills. Known internationally for its academic excellence, the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) sets a very high standard, which requires that a student has to reach the prescribed level of professional skills before he can obtain his B.Tech degree. Here at CEA we believe that our programme offers an exciting, rigorous and thoroughly rewarding oppurtunity for those aspiring techno brains who will be an asset to the technical field, they will work for, in the future.


Established in 1997, Institute of Human Resource Development (IHRD) is unique of its kind aiming at human resource development in the scientific and technical fields. A salient feature which characterises the IHRD organisation is its functions and performance in an integrated system of professional education, training and performance.


Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) is a premier institute of higher learning much sought after within India and abroad. CUSAT is a young institution with only thirty years of history behind it. Yet it has registered steady growth and has earned recognition as one of the highly reputed and internationally acclaimed Indian Universities. While striving to live up to the expectations of the society, CUSAT has made quantum leaps in its academic pursuits and has spread its wings far and wide to encompass new and ever giving frontiers across the academic horizon. In its pursuit for international excellence, CUSAT has established academic links and exchange programmes with several reputed institutions across the globe. CUSAT with its various departments and multidisciplinary interaction centers is a true manifestation of the diversity of the nation with unity of purpose. And CUSAT is dedicated to scientific advancement, technological progress and economical growth of the country.