The most regal and advanced race of species, who are always ahead of their peers in terms of technology and advancement. Each year TRACE conducts a fest meant for the technocrats of CEA.

The fest is conducted with great pomp and show. TRACE provides a platform at which not just the members of TRACE but the whole CEA gets involved

TRACE took the initiative to introduce CEA to the world of LINUX, the leading and popularly used OS. The CEA-LUG(Linux Users Group) was established solely for this purpose. In our future plans, the TRACE has visioned a Wi-Fi campus(wireless internet access to anyone in CEA campus) and an advance EDGE technology, with the computerisation of library and the introduction of various services for students.

The oneness and the unity of the Computer Batch students has been the secret behind the success story of the assosiation. We assure that the TRACE shall continue its working in the same high spirits over the coming years.